Write Direction

Now here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. Harry Styles, the long-maned cougar magnet from One Direction is my new hero.

It isn’t because of his dulcet tones or raunchy lifestyle. It isn’t even because of his good looks, he’s not my type. No, dear Harry has grown to superstar status in my eyes because he called a banner-wielding fan forward at a concert at Philadelphia during his On the Road Again tour the other night and … corrected her grammar.

The unfortunate fan, 16-year-old Taelor Ford, had scrawled Hi Harry! Your So Nice and that was enough for the new and unlikely head of the grammar police. The poster ended up on stage, out came the pen and in went the missing apostrophe and extra ‘e’. He then held up the corrected version with a scowl fit for a vinegary schoolmarm. This was what made it for me. Yes, our Harry was as offended as I am by an errant missing apostrophe. Who knew?

So now I am looking forward to The Harry Styles Guide to Punctuation and The Harry Styles Grammar Book. And if he needs a ghostwriter …