Wonderful Weather

I give English lessons twice a week to Marcella, a lovely Italian lady. It's more of a labour of love really, I keep my hand in as I used to be an EFL teacher and we chat about all manner of things. She's a big animal lover like me as well as being a passionate gardener, so we always have lots to discuss.

At the end of our last lesson, I asked her in English if she had seen the weather forecast. "Saturday it will rain," she said and we both immediately made glum faces. "But Sunday," she added, "will be wonderful!" Now as a teacher I knew she had used the wrong adjective, that to describe a sunny day it is more appropriate to use "beautiful"  rather than the more effusive "wonderful."  I was about to correct her when I thought, you know what? I rather like the idea that Sunday will be wonderful! Who knows what could happen if I have a wonderful Sunday? Suddenly everything opened up – anything was possible.

Saturday rained, as predicted, although fortunately not on the dog kennels where I was doing my volunteering stint. And Sunday? Well I woke in a good mood, because I knew I was going to have a wonderful day! And that made all the difference. It was sunny and although nothing really extraordinary happened, it really was wonderful.

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