To Worry Mongers and Doom and Gloom Merchants – Shut the **** Up!

Half full Well, Happy New Year everyone and let’s hope 2011 is a great one.

It’s the time of year when we are bombarded with reflections on the year gone by (hate those – it’s gone – get over it) and dire predictions for the year ahead. I try to ignore the worry-mongers and writers of sensationalist newspaper headlines – it’s so easy to be negative and panic people, yes it may happen, but then again – it may not!

It’s like those programmes on doomsday scenarios . You know the kind of thing they have titles like, : “What Will Happen If a Meteor Strikes Earth…” or “The Super Volcanoes – Ending Life As We Know It.” I ask you! Have people got nothing better to do than create negative programmes about things that will possibly never happen? I certainly won’t waste my life watching them, that’s for sure! It’s not that I’m putting my head in the sand, but I refuse to worry about stuff like that, life is too short.

So let’s make it our New Year resolution to banish the bearers of depressing speculative crap, to try and look at the positive as well as the negative, to treat things in a balanced way and to be grateful for the good stuff we do have rather than the things we lack.

Sermon over! Back to work!


  1. That’s pretty much my own attitude. Worrying is pointless. Fear saps your energy. If bad things happen, I’ll deal with them then. In the meantime – well, my blog isn’t called Keep Going You Fool for nothing!

  2. Thank you Jane – we positive people have to stick together!

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