The Meerkat Ghostwriter

Compare the Merrkat Ghostwriter I knew from the moment I saw the new Compare the Meerkat/Compare the Market publicity campaign back in 2009 that it would be a huge hit. Who couldn’t love the crazy Russian meerkat Aleksandr Orlov and his trademark ‘seemples’ sign off? And what  a brilliant idea from the ad agency VCCP who actually created a real compare the meerkat website! In fact it was a couple of drunk creative guys who thought up the campaign idea in a pub, as you will see from the You Tube video below.


When back in the Uk last week I noticed WH Smiths had Aleksandr’s autobiography A Simples Life displayed prominently on its shelves and it is now an Amazon bestseller standing at number two, which is no mean feat. It’s expected to be the Christmas number one, which will no doubt delight!

I don’t wish to cast aspersions on Aleksandr’s writing skills but it is pretty well known that he didn’t write the book himself (just look at those claws for a start!) and rumours have been circulating about who his ghostwriter could be.

The lady in question is Val Hudson, a former publisher with 25 years in the industry who left Headline  last year. She is no stranger to ghostwriting, having worked with Billy Connelly and Cliff Richard, but I believe Aleksandr must be her most prestigious client to date. His ‘Simples’ catchphrase has even entered the latest Collins English Dictionary!


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