Here are some of my writing testimonials from happy clients from all over the world. I get lots of repeat business and have many long term clients. If you would like to join them contact me now.

“Fiona is a great ghostwriter who took the time to get to know me and my personal style before putting pen to paper. She was always available to listen to my concerns and very professional to deal with. Her mannerism and willingness to assist you achieve your objectives will absolutely blow you away. I can see myself working with her on many other projects. I know my book will be a success because of the heart and soul Fiona put into it. her expertise is worth its weight in gold and I would be pleased to personally answer any questions anyone may have about my experiences dealing with her.’ R.M, Australia

“It has been a great pleasure and lots of fun working with Fiona. She immediately grasped the brief and worked with professionalism and enthusiasm to deliver the project on time and to spec. “Her inquisitive mind was very helpful in identifying areas for improvement. I will continue working with Fiona in the future and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a copywriter.” Paola Fiocchi, Passepartout Homes Ltd. UK

“Spidery Writing (Fiona Tankard) not only provided a prompt and friendly service but I was incredibly satisfied with the final product. Fiona, through your more than ample skills as a writer and your keen sense of keeping to the desired style, I thank-you greatly for helping bring my story to life to share with the world.” David James, Australia

“Working with Fiona has been a great pleasure. Any partnerships undertaken over the internet require a leap of faith so finding a professional writer like Fiona was a real blessing. Fiona took exactly the right degree of ownership of the project while always keeping our criteria to the fore. Her engaging writing style, attention to detail and proactive suggestions also helped us to significantly improve the end product.

Fiona immediately grasped the nature of requirements and the writing style we were looking for. Fiona met all of our deadlines and was always prompt and clear in her correspondence throughout the project.

I would not hesitate to recommend Fiona to anyone who would like their project completed professionally, within deadlines and last but not least….with passion!” Lucia Corsano, Project SL, UK 

“I had the privilege of working with Fiona Tankard while building our website. Working with Fiona Tankard I found her as a person with great wisdom and deep knowledge of writing and SEO. Fiona Tankard is a open minded, customer-service oriented, efficient and ambitious perfectionist with a great skill to summarize ideas. That’s her – precise, passionate and multi-skilled person to work with. Always takes care of the job. Works towards maximal customer satisfaction.” Ben Radomski, Italy

“Fiona is always a pleasure to work with. She gives us her all and then keeps going. Extremely professional, Fiona offers the extra insight and ideas that help us look good to our clients. She is a true expert yet at the same time very approachable and personable.” Diane Prange, USA

“Fiona is a gifted writer, whether using her own style for articles penned under her own name, or as a “ghost” telling other people’s stories using their voice and character.” Anna Shackleford, France

“Fiona has a wonderful style of writing which captures the imagination of the reader and offers inspiration and excitement. She’s great to work with. Highly recommended!” Simonne Gnessen, UK

“Fiona worked with us on a multifaceted, multi-lingual naming project for a world leading producer of seafood, and provided great background and linguistics research along with some wonderful naming insights. Fiona was very prompt in delivery and highly professional in her approach.  Even though we were on different sides of the world, in different time zones, she worked well with our local team.”
Glenn Dougal, WAVE Design & Marketing, New Zealand

“Fiona is a brilliant, creative writer who I can highly recommend. Her writing is compelling, enthusiastic and shows her great insight into human nature. It is always a pleasure to work with Fiona, since she delivers her work on time and of the agreed quality.” M.P. Denmark

“Fiona worked on my novel. She took my rather far-fetched prose with no fuss or confusion and produced a stream of great prose at a very reasonable price. Not the least of her qualities is that she delivers her instalments ON SCHEDULE. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.” Jimmy Alexander, Sydney Australia

“I hired Fiona Tankard to ghostwrite a young adult novel for me and my experience was an extremely positive one. I would recommend Fiona to anyone and I look forward to working with her again on future projects. She is a dedicated professional and a master of scene structure. I enjoyed working with her as she wove a gripping adventure – a 76,000 word page turner that really impressed me with its intrigue, angst and gritty realism. As I read her work of fiction I felt I was right there in the room with her characters.” Christopher Benham Skidmore, USA 

“As well as being a professional and talented writer, Fiona also has extraordinary skills as an internet marketer. Tasked with helping me promote my latest novel, The Overnight Fame of Steffi McBride, online she came up with an innovative and effective campaign, full  of creative ideas, and implemented it all herself with speed and efficiency.”  Andrew Crofts the UK’s top ghostwriter.

“Fiona Tankard offers a great service and helped us to create a great, well-structured text. I would recommend everyone to contact Fiona for any text issues. She takes your text to a higher level. We are glad we met Fiona!” Frank Wouters, Netherlands,House of Knowledge Publishing

“We first met Fiona when she wrote an article on us for another website. I read all the other articles she’d written for them. I was very impressed, not only were the articles beautifully written, but included ‘human’ and ‘humorous’ touches within her engaging style of writing. I was hooked. To find someone so up to the task, who hits the ground running, and is able to meet our high standards full on, is a rarity. I’m always buzzing when I see the next article from her arrive in my inbox. Her writing skills cannot be recommended highly enough by us, and it is an absolute joy to work with her.”  Kay Key, www.kenneldesign.com

“We have known and worked with Fiona now for three years. We would rather have kept her a secret as she’s one of the most enthusiastic professionals we’ve ever dealt with who never fails to improve our marketing but without damaging our bank account. She truly loves what she does and has exceptional writing ability as well as technical knowledge of websites and search engine optimization. And to top it all she’s an extremely nice person to deal with.” Lesley and Dean McMorran, Italy www.caserma-carina.co.uk

“I have worked with Fiona on several writing projects. I found her to be a reliable, enthusiatic colleague who could work to an extremely tight syllabus structure in terms of skills, grammar and vocabulary, but still make her writing come alive. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Terry Phillips, author of more than 160 published English language textbooks.

“Looking for a translator on the internet we found Fiona. After the first contact and the translation she did for us we realised the quality and uniqueness of her work. Fiona has helped us create a professional image for our foreign clients. She understood our needs and the work of our company and translated, into splendid English and with the appropriate terminology, the concepts we wanted to transmit to our foreign clients. Sincere thanks to Fiona for her precious contribution to the image of our company.” Lorenzo Bruschi, Vasaris

“If you want to make your website come alive then Fiona is the person to contact. Her writing makes you experience something before getting there. she definitely loves it, you can feel it reading all she writes.” Francesco Carlucci, Italy, CEO, Landscape Properties Group

“Fiona writes brilliantly and she is also fantastic to work with as she is organised, clear, approachable and a superb editor. Fiona understands exactly what is needed by clients, she always delivers and is great fun to work with. She has a passion for what she does, loves new challenges and is one of the best editors I have ever known.” Melissa Ormiston, former Editor, Italy magazine.