Ten Ways to Get in a Good Mood!

 Having just come back from quite a difficult trip to the UK I find myself tetchy and  too hot as it's 33 degrees C here in la bella Italia!

 It's all too easy to get into a spiral of negative thinking and general grouchiness. So if you are feeling the same then here are some tips to help you out of the Slough of Despond!

1 Be Grateful. It sounds trite and simplistic, but it's been scientifically proven that regularly practising gratitude really works on all kinds of things including improved heart function and alertness. Take a look at a hugely popular site Three Beautiful Things and do likewise.

2 Have a Laugh. Personally I watch Youtube videos of Michael McIntyre, but the blog Pitching the World also has me crying with laughter. Read it from the very beginning to get the full experience. Ostensibly it's about a journalist who decides to pitch to all the magazines in the Artists and Writers Yearbook, but that isn't even the half of it… 

3 Finish Something. A tapestry,  a shed, a novel. If it's undone, then complete it. You'll feel absurdly proud of yourself.

4 Walk. Yes, take your sorry self out into the great wilderness and walk around a bit. Exercise is very cheering.

5 Sing. Find some songs that take you back or lift you up and then sing your little heart out. Oh yeah!

6 Shop at Your House. This is weird but very satisfying. When you get the urge to go out and buy something to cheer yourself up, stop.  Mindless purchases are not the answer you know! Why not try 'shopping' for it in your own attic, garage or  cellar? A rummage through your old stuff is a great mood changer.

7 Change something. Paint a room or cover a sofa. Add accessories from your 'shop' above!

8 Get Inspired. There are some really uplifting videos on Youtube or Ted Talks to shake you out of the blackest of moods. Try this one. No Arms, No Legs, No Worries. Or this one: Looking Past Limits.

9 Learn Something New. But not if involves buying a lot of stuff. (I'm on a bit of an 'Enough' kick this week as you can see!) Learning is part of our DNA and also comes in useful when conversation flags at parties.  Try  'Did you know I can find water with coathangers?' as an opening line.

10 Write. It has to be there on the list, doesn't it? You'll feel so much better when you have stopped worrying and spent a minute, an hour or a day creating a poem or a journal, a story or an article. Words equal immortality after all!


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