Write to Suit Your Personality

You may love writing but at the same time be stuck for what kind of writing to do. Should you go for the blockbuster novel, the non-fiction bio or be a killer blogger?

There are as many kinds of writing as there are personalities and the trick is to match your character and skills to the right category.

Writing a book, whether it’s a novel or a non-fiction work, means you are in it for the long haul. It requires determination and discipline as well as the ability to just keep writing when you are fed up and bored and want to be doing something else. Sure, there is variety in writing the different chapters and scenes, but you have got to love the whole big picture too. It takes a long time – maybe even a year or more – to write a book and if you get boreed after chapter two, you are in big trouble!

So if you have the patience, self-discipline and passion to see a long work through, then a full length book could be an option for you. Of course, then you have to decide whether to go for fiction or non-fiction and that is another character/personality
thing. To find out what you are best suited to, look at what you read. I know people
who NEVER read "made up" stuff considering it a waste of time, something
that leaves me scratching my head in bewilderment at what delights they are missing
out on.

If you love learning new things, are easily bored, know that you can focus and give
100 percent for a day or two but not a month or two on the same thing, then article writing or blogging could be the kind of writing that best suits you. It allows you
the variety you crave and the satisfaction of finishing something without having to
stay with it for too long. Then you can be onto the next thing! For fiction, then
think micro fiction or short stories. In other words, go with your natural tendencies
and abilities, don't fight them, just because you may feel a "proper"
writer has to write a book.

This is just scratching the surface and doesn't even cover the myriad other areas
of writing: copywriting, technical writing, poetry, screenplays, essays… but you get the basic idea. Work with your personality and you'll stand a lot better chance of being a great writer.