Selling Out?

SEO writing the work of the devil? I read a forum post recently from a
writer who declared that she would rather stab herself in the eyes with
her pen than do SEO writing as it was so 'soul destroying' and
tantamount to selling out. What complete tosh!

Writing is
writing. If you love words then anything that involves shaping them and
working with them is a creative challenge. I get as much kick out of
writing a web article and incorporating key phrases as I do writing a
poem. To me the challenge lies in making the text flow, making it
readable and interesting while also ensuring it contains the words that
Google loves and will rank it highly as a consequence. And why not for
goodness sake? If you have a page of prose and can tweak it to help
your rankings then do it. It isn't selling out, prostituting your art
or anything else.


  1. Nice question. It’s not a matter of selling out, but doing the thing that you love most to help propagate quality content is definitely something. Providing quality web content writing services not only puts bread on the table, but also ensures that ideas don’t stagnate in the web.

  2. I completely agree Philip.
    Of course, there are sites that never spare a thought for their visitors and just want pages of semi-literate, keyword-rich text to push them up the rankings. More fool them. I think any good web writer tries to provide useful, interesting content to captivate visitors and make sure they come back for more.

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