Ruby and the Ghost Dog

I have finally finished my children’s novel Ruby and the Ghost Dog. It tells the story of a young girl, Ruby, who moves to Tuscany with her mother and is visited by the ghost of an English Setter who is on a mission and needs Ruby to help him. there are a lot of twists and turns, a few ghosts, a bit of magic, lots of animals … in short, all the thing I hope little girls will love as much as I do!

The book will be available from Amazon in March and is currently with beta readers, who so far have been responding very favourably.

I have just had the cover designed by a fantastic designer Kit Foster, who took my original ideas and then reinterpreted them in a way I think is quite spectacularly good. My own dear rescue Setter Gassi is the dog in the photo and fortunately very much alive. I struggled a bit with the colours on the cover as the book has a very wintry theme, and Kit finally came up with a scheme everyone loved.

I’ll let you know nearer the time where you can get a copy! A percentage of the profits are going to Afghanistan dogs charity Nowzad and Italian rescue charity Rescue Setter in Difficolta’.
Ruby and the Ghost DogRuby and the Ghost DogRuby and the Ghost DogRuby and the Ghost DogRuby and the Ghost DogRuby and the Ghost Dog

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