Online Dating Assistants – the New Ghost Writing

Although ghostwriting used to be associated with writing novels and non fiction books for people, the remit has slowly been extended to blogs, articles, tweets, websites, speeches and so on.

The latest addition to the ghost writer's portfolio is online dating. An article in the Washington Post describes how the busy bachelor whose days are so full he has to use online dating to find a companion, is now SO busy that he can't even interact with any ladies who respond to his profile. In fact, he can't even write his profile – no time, no time!

Answer? Outsource it of course! Hire a ghostwriter – AKA online dating assistant. This person will write your profile, engage in witty email interchange and messages with Miss Right until the date is fixed up. That's where their job ends as the busy bachelor should actually turn up for his own date, but who knows, maybe he'll outsource that too!

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