On Things Half Finished…

Seeing things through On my daily walk with the dogs this morning I got irritated because I couldn’t find one of my gloves.  “What good is half a pair of gloves?” I thought as I stuffed one cold hand into my pocket and set off across the fields.

But I always pay attention to this kind of event, because I know it can serve as a symbolic reminder about something going on in my life. (Ok, call me weird, but it keeps me entertained!)

I moved from the fields into the woods. The walk takes me about an hour. Apart from exercising me and the three dogs, I use it to think and plan and sort things out and in this case to look for the other half of a pair of gloves. And that’s what made me start thinking about unfinished stuff. Stay with me here!

I have a lot of things in my life that are unfinished. And I know that half-finished projects drain your energy and dull your spirit. Creative people need to create, it’s our life blood. But we also need to see things through to the end, to finish when the project is in that boring stage and you would rather stab yourself in the eyes with your pen than write one more word.

I know this is a fault of mine.  I always finish clients’ projects, but I neglect my own stuff. And that is something I have to tackle because it is a big weakness.  I have a tapestry three quarters done, a painting 90 percent complete, two novels half finished and several proposals in draft stage. Like a drug addict looking for their next fix, I abandon things mid way through in search of the new project, the fresh idea, the next big thing.

As I rounded the corner and headed back down the path from the woods towards the house, I made a resolution. “This year I am going to see things through. I am going to make a list of things I need to finish and I am either going to bin them or complete them, but I will act on them.”

And at that very moment (I swear), as if the universe had noted and approved of my resolve,  my dog Maia bounded up to me from nowhere, wagging her tail ferociously and carrying in her mouth my missing glove!





  1. Fiona,
    Great little piece on the need for completion in creative work. Dogs are smarter than people give them credit for. 😉
    – Bob.

  2. They certainly are Bob and thanks for a very timely reminder!
    I really appreciate your comment because I just lost Maia, the little dog in the photo. http://www.petsinitaly.com/pets_in_italy/2012/11/goodbye-maia.html
    Thanks again,