Not My Type

A writer has to write, or in my case, type. I know many writers swear by notebooks and coloured pens but I am not one of them. I can easily be transported into another world while sitting at the keyboard and find it harder when I'm using a pen because I find my hand hurts when I write that way.

There is just one problem. I have never learned to touch type, or to type in any recognisable way, in fact. This is a big handicap – or 'bif handicat' as I have just typed! This undoubtedly stems the creative flow and I get very annoyed as my fingers find their way onto the wrong keys as if to deliberately trip me up.       

I know I should find a good touch typing program online and I do seem to remember once finding one that was very creative and intuitive and used colours. I just don't have the patience to practise, that's the trouble. My mind whirls on to the next topic before I have finished typing the first. I find it incredibly frustrating. I swear out loud whenever I see someone's hands flying effortlessly across the keyboard while conducting a conversation in those US tv movies (it always seems to be in US movies!)

Perhaps voice recognition software is the answer. But then I would still have to go through it and correct it with my rubbish typing. I read once that Barbara Cartland, pink-clad doyenne of the romantic novel, never wrote anything down but just dictated her stories at breakneck speed to secretaries who struggled to keep up with her torrential output. So maybe that is the answer. Get a secretary!

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