How to Make a Vision Board

Vision boards are great fun and really help you get motivated and creative. I have used variations on these for years and they really work!

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual wish list. A piece of paper or card with your dreams and goals pasted onto it. You put it in a place where you are going to see it regularly, such as by the computer in your office or on the fridge door. Repetition is key when you are working on your subconscious mind! You can make several on different themes or of different sizes for your handbag or your wall.

How Do You Make One?

This is the part that I absolutely love! Get a stack of old magazines, brochures, newspapers and leaflets. Go through them, ideally with a time limit, and cut or tear out anything that relates to your dream or dreams. You can theme your vision board or you can make it general. Include everything big and small, from the book you would like to buy to the book you are going to write! Cut out phrases and words that appeal as well. Then stick everything on the card in an appealing way. You can even use glitter, silver paper and coloured pens. Let your inner child free. You are only limited by your imagination.

Now What?

Look at your vision board as often as you can. Use your imagination to step into the pictures and make them part of your reality, add emotion too. Visualisation when combined with emotion is very powerful. You only need a minute or two every day. Then start to notice the small signs that these things are actually manifesting in your own life.


You will be surprised at how powerful image boards are. Even if you put them away and forget them, the things you paste on your board have a strange and surprising way of manifesting. If you review old vision boards from a year or more ago you will be amazed at how many things you can cross off your wish list – even if those things seemed impossible at the time of making the board.

So give it a go! At worst it is great fun and a chance to dream for a little while, and we all need that. At best it can change your life.


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  1. Great article on vision boards Fiona. If you want to share a personal vision board success story I am looking for guest posts on my site.

  2. Thanks Jeannie, I am a big fan of vision boards as you can see!
    I would love to guest post on your site, thank you.

  3. Great post, Fiona. I’m in the process of creating a new vision board for myself after outgrowing my last one.

  4. Thanks Marcia – what success did you have with your last one? I love success stories!

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