How Much Does it Cost?

Of course this is one of the most important things you want to know. I offer a top quality professional writing service for affordable rates. Every writing project is different and I am very happy to discuss your individual project with you.


Ghost Writing Project


Cost in US dollars/British pounds and Euros

 Writing your novel/book/memoir/ebook

I do all the writing from your notes and/or from interviews. Payment plan available,  see below*

From $50/£30/€40 per double spaced page. A 250 page book would be from approx. $12500 /£7500/ €10000

Copywriting/ web page/newsletter writing

You supply the notes, I do the writing

From $98/£60/€75per double spaced page in .doc format. Five pages would be $490/£300/€375

Rewriting a text or website

I work from your manuscript or text and do a sentence by sentence rewrite.

From $50/£30/€40per double spaced page.


Basic editing of an existing text for grammar, punctuation, spelling

The rate for basic editing is $15/£12/€10per double-spaced page. Editing 10 pages would be $150/£120/€100


I write a poem from your notes. Price depends on length.

From $98/£60/€75

NOTES:*For larger projects I can split the fee into two or three payments, one of which is due in advance and the final one due before I finish. Payment is by Paypal or bank transfer. 

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