Ghostwriting Services

What is a ghost writer?
A ghostwriter (also written as two words – ghost writer) is someone you hire to write anything from articles to novels, non-fiction books and memoirs on your behalf. Once the work is done (and you can help as little or as much as you want in the form of notes, interviews, a rough outline or even a phone conversation) he or she then moves into the background, allowing you to take the credit. Of course you may want to credit the ghost or not, it is entirely up to you. You own the material and the copyright. The most famous example of ghostwriting is when a celebrity pens a novel (not!) and in fact the whole thing has been written by a ghost. But most ghostwriting is not as high profile as that and can be a simple as a company director wanting to write a textbook in his or her name or a grandparent wanting to write a family history for the grandkids.

How do I get something ghostwritten?
We can work from your existing notes or reference material and I can also telephone, email or Skype you. I am flexible and work to try and suit you. In one case, I had a just few paragraphs of story outline to work from and developed those into an 80,000 word novel. In another case, the client wanted me to edit and rewrite her material as she was a non native speaker of English.

How much does ghostwriting cost?
Ghostwriting costs depend on how much work is involved. Writing a magazine article is going to take a lot less time than a 300 page novel. Please contact me for an estimate in your currency. I am very flexible and take into account your budget. My priority is that you are satisfied.

Do you do other kinds of writing or editing?
Absolutely, I can write search engine optimised web pages, magazine articles, press releases, poetry and can also edit your work. I can also edit and rewrite for non native speakers. 

Do you write student essays and academic papers?
Absolutely NOT! Do your own work, I had to when I was a student! I feel so strongly about this I have blogged about it here

How long does it take?
I usually work on a number of longer projects at a time, so a book will take about three to six months. Articles and shorter projects can be completed very quickly.

How can I pay?
Payment can be made via Paypal, but I will add 3% to cover their admin charge. I also accept payment by bank transfer to a UK or Italian bank. Payment is either 50 percent in advance and 50 percent on completion or in stages. 

What about my privacy?
We will sign a non disclosure /confidentiality agreement if you are concerned about any personal or sensitive material.

But you live in Italy, how can this work?
Distance is no handicap these days. I work by phone, email and Skype and of course there is always the good old post as well. My clients live all over the world and that is the beauty of the job.

Would you like to consider hiring me as your ghost writer? Please contact me for a no obligation chat or to get a quote.