Ghost Twitterers

Well, here's a phenomenon I have come across recently. People making a living ghostwriting on Twitter. Yes, there is now a career category called ghost twittering. I love it!

Just as most celebrities don't write their own books, but employ ghostwriters to do it for them (come on did you really think Jordan wrote Sapphire?)so celebs on Twitter are now doing the same thing.

In case you have been on another planet, Twitter is the hottest of hot ways to keep in touch. Around since 2006, it is a micro blogging site where 'twitterers' (users) keep their 'followers' updated by sending them 'tweets.' These tweets, a response to the simple question 'What are you doing'?' , are limited to 140 characters or fewer. Wikipedia refers to it as 'the SMS of the internet'. It is used by the media – Sky News for example – and politicians like President Obama. And celebs. 

Enter the ghost twitterers. The good ones manage to tweet in the style of their celebrity. Some followers even feel upset that the tweet they're reading wasn't actually typed in by Britney Spears! (Dream on!)

I have two twitter accounts if you are interested – petsinitaly and writerinitaly

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