Free ebooks for Writers

Following on from my post last week about my Amazon Kindle, I have been searching for free ebooks on writing to download. I have discovered that although the Kindle does not yet read pdf files well, if you download the Mobipocket reader  you can then convert all kinds of files to a Kindle-friendly format.

So after that I went on a hunt for free resources for writers, which I thought I would share with you.

The Career Novelist by Donald Maas is a literary agent and offers this book about the publishing industry on his site. I haven't read it yet but the reviews look promising.

Time Management for Creative People by Mark McGuinness is a useful little ebook about exactly what it says on the tin.

Holly Lisle's Mugging the Muse is a free download about the making mon ey from fiction and is based on articles and workshops given by this talented writer. Good value at 209 pages!

Assaulting a Writer's Thinking by Lea Schizas is described as a 'kick-butt adventure' and although I haven't read it yet I can do with getting my 'butt kicked' from time to time, so will let you know!

Hope you enjoy them and I'll post more as I find them.


  1. Brilliant. Thank you, especially for the McGuinness book. I’m trying to make a go of being a “creative” person but really struggling with the distractions, and I suspect I’m not alone in this.

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