Daemon Dog!

Writers often describe getting their inspiration from an external source – a muse, a daemon. There are a number of theories on what this could be, ranging from the writer's own subconscious to past lives and tapping into universal consciousness.

Where we get our inspiration from is a fascinating question. I love the idea that stories are somewhere 'out there' and our muse helps us access this world of homeless characters and ideas.

Could there be a scientific explanation for all this? I recently read The Daemon by Anthony Peake. It was a truly amazing read and its central premise is quite astounding. He looks at our consciousness at the moment of death and calls his theory 'Cheating the Ferryman'. I'd recommend it.

In the meantime, I am somewhat surprised to find that one trigger to accessing my own muse, apart from favourite stimuli like music, is my new dog Gassie. He's adorable but is a free spirit and I spend half my time blocking up holes in the fence to stop him escaping and the other half retrieving him from the field, the woods and neighbours' gardens. But you know what? While walking him back to the house I have never had so many ideas for stories and books. I've even written a poem about him. Dog as daemon? How about that for a theory?


  1. Thanks for mentioning my work, Fiona. A friend of mine in Ohio picked this up and let me know.
    Have you checked out my FORUM? This has a whole section on the Daemon and on here writers and other creative individuals post their experiences: http://www.anthonypeake.com/forum
    Best Wishes

  2. valerie Coupland says:

    I saw a mention of your blog on Anthony Peake website, where I always have an eye on.
    I’m an unpublished writer of a long SF saga set in an alternative world and told in the first person. As well as telling the lives of the protagonists of the stories, I had to invent an entire universe and also another human species.
    Some of the characters have such strong personalities, that I even dreamed of them a few time as my guides and protectors (of my artistic life). However, their appearances in the dreams werenot completely as I imagined them consciously.
    I do think that somewhere, I’m linked to this people in my story, especially the narrator, maybe because they’re telling me their stories from were they are (parallel Universe) or maybe, I read their stories in another life and in another universe and write it in that life. The redaction of that saga (which is in my mother tongue, French) has brought me a lot of pleasure and comfort and even I don’t publish it, that would have brought me that in my life.

  3. Tony it’s a great honour! I was astounded by your book and would certainly recommend everyone to go to your forum if they want their minds stretched!
    Valerie – what a fascinating comment. I have also felt that sometimes my characters have just been waiting for me to give them a voice and that in fact they did exist somewhere else. Possibly a parallel universe – who knows? That may sound crazy but I know you will understand!

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