Coming out of the Tarot Closet

Well, it’s now official. (Deep breath.) Yes, I read tarot cards and have done for many, many years. The tarot is a really great tool for writers. Every card is packed full of imagery which helps trigger ideas and free up your imagination. String together a few cards and make a little story and voilà – your pesky plot can move forward with ease.

Once you delve a little deeper and mention the ‘T’ word it is amazing how many fellow writers also use the cards. Yet somehow it seems a little shady, a little embarrassing to admit it. Well, I’m admitting it, without embarrassment, because I feel it is important to be authentic. (Sorry if that sounds a bit woowoo, which is not really my style!)

Modern tarot reading is a gazillion miles away from the fortune telling of days gone by (although here in Italy, it is still used in this way!) The tarot nowadays is used as a tool to give insight and to examine possible ways to move forward in a situation, rather than predicting that you will marry a tall dark handsome stranger! The cards are not the tools of the devil, but 78 amazingly helpful ways to re-examine a situation and let your subconscious get to work.

Trying to combine my love of the tarot with my teaching and training background, I have started a new site to help women over 40 (that would be me!) focus on their dreams and
rediscover their authentic selves using a mix of coaching and tarot. I like the idea of juxtaposing the esoteric with the totally practical, for the tarot is, above all, a highly practical tool.

site is and I’d love your comments!


  1. Thank you for posting this, I too am about to come of the closet so to speak. love and blessings to you

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