Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir

The Internet is an incredible place sometimes, with special people doing groundbreaking and truly beautiful things. 

I came across this new Ted Talk from composer Eric Whitacre who has put together a virtual choir of over 2000 people from all over the world who uploaded their solos on YouTube. Not only is the music breathtaking but the video itself is also a work of creative genius and quite spinetingling. Eric's talk explains how he began the first virtual choir and also samples his latest Choir 2.0 singing 'Sleep'.





Stand By Me Video – Inspirational Stuff!

I know this is not a 'writing' or 'ghostwriting' topic, but it is all about creativity and sharing and what that can achieve. This inspirational video was sent to me this morning and is part of the project Playing For Change (fabulous double meaning in that name as you will see!)