Amazon Announces Ebooks Outsell Paperbacks and Hardbacks

Last week it was widely reported in the press and online that Amazon's unit sales of the Kindle ebook had outsold all other kinds.It looks like paper is losing ground as the ebook phenomenon escalates.

How do you feel about that news? 

I'm a huge fan of ebooks for non fiction, especially if they come free of charge! But I stil find it hard to read fiction on my Kindle. It just doesn't feel right somehow.  Mind you, I never read fiction during the day and so part of it must be a fear of falling asleep with a Kindle banging onto my nose.

Do I believe this is the end of real books? No, I don't. Nothing will replace the sight, smell and feel of a book, whether a much loved old friend or a spanking new one. I love libraries, both at home and in public places. Seeing rows of books lined up on shelves immediately makes me feel both relaxed and thrilled. I don't get that feeling with the menu on my Kindle, I can tell you!



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