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Endings and Beginnings

It's the last day of the year and I'm really pleased I've finished the final draft of the young adult novel I've been writing for my US client. It seems a far cry from the paragraph his little son wrote to the full blown 250 page manuscript, and the plot has twisted and turned like a worm on a hook, but the end result is something we are both very happy with I think. We hope there's a triology there.

I love writing for and with other people. They give me creativity and ideas and a different perspective which helps me grow as a writer. I have gained so much from writing this book with Chris, he is so inventive and some of his intriguing plot twists are extremely clever. Let's hope it's a big success.

I feel enthused about next year. I have a novel to finish for my Australian client which I am almost two thirds of the way through as well as the dramatised life story of my lovely Zambian lady Betty. I really enjoy our phone chats and feel I have made a friend as well as helping her write her story.

My new year resolution is to focus on my own work too. I have started a children's book that I am quite excited about and I have another novel on the boil as well, so I know with just a few hundred words a day, every day, they will soon be done. 

I haven't written much over Christmas and it feels strange. I'll be quite glad to get back to my keyboard to be honest. I'm not much good with unstructured time and get bored after a few days of holidays!

So roll on 2010 and the blank pages waiting to be filled.

Daemon Dog!

Writers often describe getting their inspiration from an external source – a muse, a daemon. There are a number of theories on what this could be, ranging from the writer's own subconscious to past lives and tapping into universal consciousness.

Where we get our inspiration from is a fascinating question. I love the idea that stories are somewhere 'out there' and our muse helps us access this world of homeless characters and ideas.

Could there be a scientific explanation for all this? I recently read The Daemon by Anthony Peake. It was a truly amazing read and its central premise is quite astounding. He looks at our consciousness at the moment of death and calls his theory 'Cheating the Ferryman'. I'd recommend it.

In the meantime, I am somewhat surprised to find that one trigger to accessing my own muse, apart from favourite stimuli like music, is my new dog Gassie. He's adorable but is a free spirit and I spend half my time blocking up holes in the fence to stop him escaping and the other half retrieving him from the field, the woods and neighbours' gardens. But you know what? While walking him back to the house I have never had so many ideas for stories and books. I've even written a poem about him. Dog as daemon? How about that for a theory?